Şifa Chemistry İlaç San. ve Tic. is a joint stock corporation, which was initially founded as a small laboratory for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and chemistry in Konya in 1976. Our company increased its activity areas in 1980 in order to meet the national demands, achieving a specialist company status in manufacturing Galenic and Biocidal products. Including the cosmetics in its manufacturing portfolio in 1996, it moved to its current location in Konya Organized Industrial Zone.
Şifa Chemistry has been operating in its areas of expertise for more than 40 years. Between the years 2012 and 2015 and in line with its innovative policies, our company invested to evolve its manufacturing facilities at its current location into a manufacturing plant producing human medicinal products in compliance with the principles of the good manufacturing practices (GMP) published by the World Health Organization.
Observing the social, economic, and environmental standards; our company is one of the leading sustainable pharmaceutical companies in Turkey, with an entirely domestic capital structure.
Şifa Chemistry İlaç San. ve Tic. continues its facilities in a 3,500 m² indoors area on a land of 4,500 m² in Konya Organized Industrial Zone. With a staff of specialists, our company sustains its manufacturing and sales performances in many areas of activity incessantly.
Şifa Chemistry is ready for manufacturing with a full production capacity. We would like to inform you about our production capacity as follows:

Production capacity for solutions   10,000,000 Boxes/Year
Production capacity for pomades   10,000,000 Boxes/Year
Chassis fill capacity                           30,000,000 Boxes/Year

Şifa ChemistryHistory of Our Corporation

January, 1976

Şifa Chemistry İlaç San. ve Tic. The joint stock company commenced as a small laboratory established in Konya.

January, 1980

Our company introduced Galenic and Biocidal products into its areas of activity in order to meet the national demands.

January, 1996

Şifa Chemistry moved to its current manufacturing facilities in Konya Organized Industrial Zone, following the introduction of cosmetics into its production facilities.

January, 2012

Our company started investment activities in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices “GMP” regulations published by the World Health Organization to meet the necessities of the time.

January, 2016

Şifa Chemistry started its manufacturing practices in compliance with the “GMP” regulations for the human medicinal products.

January, 2018

Adding another one in its range of certificates, our company was certified with the DIN EN ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management system as granted by the accredited institution UNIVERSAL.