Medicinal Products for Human Use

Şifa ChemistryMedicinal Products for Human Use


ORALAC is a clear, colorless or pale brown-yellow, viscous solution used orally. It is presented in high-density polyethylene bottles with a scaling cup.


TUSCOD is a drug in syrup form containing butamirate citrate as the active ingredient. TUSCOD belongs to a class of drugs called "cough-suppressant medications".

K.R. ENEMA for Adults

K.R. ENEMA (for adults) is a colorless and clear rectal solution presented in a 133 ml LDPE bottle with a PE cannula.

K.R. ENEMA for Children

K.R. ENEMA (for children) is a colorless and clear rectal solution presented in a 66.6 ml LDPE bottle with a PE cannula.


LAX FOSFOSODA is used in conditions when prior colon cleansing is required, including colonoscopy (endoscopic examination of the large intestine), intestinal surgery, radiologic examinations of the intestines, and rectal investigations or examinations.


Products in this category It is presented in 200 ml PET bottles with a 15 ml scale in a cardboard package.

HEXİNAT Oral Spray

HEXİNAT is a mouth preparation used in intraoral regional treatment. HEXİNAT is a colorless and clear solution in the spray form.


ALGO-WAX Simple Evaporating Ointment is a local decongestant and analgesic. The inhalation of the active ingredients stimulates the respiratory system and ensures disinfection.

Gliserin (Glycerin)

GLİSERİN 35 gr is administered to soften the ear wax when dripped into the airway, is used in the treatment of post-delivery cracks in women, and in the treatment of any skin cracks in the body due to various reasons.


SERUM FİZYOLOJİK 20 ml helps to moisturize the discomforting intranasal mucosa which becomes dry for a variety of reasons, to resolve the intranasal mucosal edema, and to ease the respiration in a comfortable way.


British Carbonate 100 gr, is used when stomach upset and burning occurs and it can be consumed 2-3 hours after food intake as 2-8 gr carbonate in a glass of water.


Salicylic acid 10 gr is a keratolytic antiseptic drug. It is used for the treatment of diseases manifesting with skin scaling such as severe dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, ichthyosis, psoriasis, and acne.


Boric acid 50 gr is for external use as an antiseptic.


Due to its antiseptic and desiccating properties, DERMATOL 5 gr is used in all kinds of burns, contusions, bruises, watery eczema, skin ulcers, wounds, abrasions, and skin injuries, in the wounds of circumcision surgery, and especially in the umbilical cord wounds of infants.

Rivanol Toz (Powder)

RİVANOL 1 gr is a neutral antiseptic. Its 1/1000 or 1/2000 solution is used externally as an antiseptic. Besides its use in the treatment of haemorrhoids, it is used as an antiseptic for the throat when gargled.

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