Being in compliance with the pharmaceutical technology, the pharmaceutical industry is an industrial branch which synthesizes, produces, and offers synthetic, herbal, animal, and biologically derived chemical substances used for therapeutic, preventive and diagnostic purposes in human and veterinary diseases.
The protection of human health and the effective provision of health services of good quality are only made possible by the strong presence of the pharmaceutical industry. Şifa Chemistry, in this context, continues to search for the better to improve the lives.
The pharmaceutical industry provides remarkable contributions to the economic development of our country. With its 100% domestic capital, Şifa Chemistry is greatly proud of contributing to the economic structure of our country.
Among the leading social responsibilities of the Şifa Chemistry is the pharmaceutical manufacturing in compliance with the regulations and its offering access to medications for each and every individual when it is needed, which are the two important factors in the creation of a healthy society and in the sustainability of a healthy life.
The pharmaceutical industry has a structure updating itself continuously. Follow-up of international pharmaceutical technologies and adaptations to the necessities of time are the requisites for active pharmaceutical companies to surveil vigilantly for taking the required actions. With its domestic and foreign partnerships, Şifa Chemistry continues to make you meet with the best in class products.